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Ongoing Projects

Our Ongoing Projects


ChangePay originated as a NITK college startup by the founder Mr.Dyvik, which eventually started its ventures in multiple campuses across Karnataka. It is an on-campus delivery startup completely regulated and monitored by the students.
The idea has 2 main elements : smartboxes and a mobile application.

  • Smartboxes are digitally encrypted containers where the delivery items will be safely kept, and then the intended recepient scans the scanner with his unique ID through which the container or the box can be opened.
  • The mobile application lets the user choose the service they want, payment, and other essential functionalities.


ELIXIR (Explore Learn Invent Xperiment Innovate Revolutionize) is an internship program provided by SJCE STEP for the pre-final year students, which is monitored and maintained by VentureX.

  • It is an internship for the duration of 6 months, where the students work on real-world projects based on their own innovative ideas or collaborate with on-going projects in STEP.
  • The internship is featured to provide a ground experience to all the interns of the real-time corporate industry along with enhancing technical and non-technical skills. The project managers of STEP, Mr.Vijayananda and Mr. Shivshankar, guide the interns throughout the program.


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